We have all been waiting for it and now it is finally here – the last ever season of Peep Show has been given  an air date and we do not have too much longer to wait! Season 9 of Peep Show is set to air on the 11th November. The last time we saw the duo of Mark and Jeremy, they were in a field fighting about their feelings for Dobby and who should have her. We return to the show where some time has passed and the El Dude Brothers are no longer roomies. Mark has a new room mate and has a new job in a bank. Jeremy has some new living quarters and is refusing to apologise to Mark for his feelings or actions towards Dobby. However when Jeremy is in need for a loan, Mark is excited as it is now time for him to have revenge…

So, to get us in the mood for the comedy of moany Mark and chilled out Jezza (and of course SuperHans), lets look back at some of the most classic moments in Peep Show history:

Marks Dancing

Mark tries and impresses Sophie in one of the earlier seasons by going to one her classes after work that he does not really understand or approve of as the class is pretending to be a colour and dance as you see fit. Mark tries and impresses Sophie by going crazy at the dancing.

Mark and Sophie’s Wedding

One of the classic episodes of Peep Show is when the day arrives that Mark has been dreading. Mark accidentally proposes to Sophie and instead of calling off the wedding he keeps  his feelings hidden until its too late. Mark and Jeremy are found hiding in the church upstairs when, jeremy starts to wet himself and it starts to leak into the guests below.

Mark Questions His Sexuality

Mark is so fascinated with his new boss, Alan Johnson, that he starts to question whether the fact he is gay because he really admires his new boss. The episode ends with Mark and Jeremy watching gay porn and Mark discovers that he is completely straight

Jeremy and the Dog

On Marks stag do, on a canal boat, the guys become friends with two ladies who they meet in the pub and the dog they own gets  killed and after burning it in the woods, Jeremy ends up eating it to prove they just had a BBQ….with hilarious results

Mark, Dobby, Jeremy, Alaina, Sophie and the baby

The most unique relationship in comedy history – Dobby and Mark never really got a smooth start especially when on one of their first date they find out that Sophies baby is belongs to Mark and not Jeremy