I love animations, I love the way it provides escapism and the way some of them are so clever and have deeper meaning as you grow up you see them in a different light. Animation has also been such a big thing in my life as i have grown up surrounded by cartoons and stop animation. I am absolutely fascinated by Aardman Animations (who make Wallace and Gromit etc) and would love the opportunity one day to work there. The reason I got into Motion Graphics has a career I am sure has something to do with my love for animation. I even made my last year project at university focussed on stop animation so i got a chance to analyse Aardman even more.

Here is the trailer for my interactive stop animation I produced, Pigmy and Friends.

Two of my earliest memories is watching Rupert the Bear and The Frogs Song all the time (probably the reason i love Frogs) with my Grandparents when I was about 2 or 3 and also watching The Jungle Book around this age as well and banging my hands on a black leather footrest in time to the beat of “I Wanna be Like you”.

I am a big fan of animation and love 2D and Stop Animation the most. This blog post will explore some of the animations I really admire because of the narratives, cinematography and the visual.

Shaun The Sheep

I love Aardman Animations, and this is one of my favourite television shows that they have done. For my final year at University, I analysed the opening shot of the show, frame by frame and analysed the cinematography and mis-en-scene. From doing that excerise I ended up loving this show even more and actually have a couple of them on DVD. I know that its a childrens show but the one thing that I really like about it is the little things hidden in the background of a lot of the shots. I am one of these people who loves looking at the background of a programme sometimes more then the actually main focus of the shot. I love looking out for things that are hidden for the audience to find and have a little laugh at the cleverness.

Winnie The Pooh

When I mention Winnie The Pooh, I don’t mean the new versions of it that have given Winnie a really weird and fat head, but I am talking about the television shows that were around in the nineties or before. There are two reasons why I have chosen to put this into my choices, one because it was one of my biggest childhood characters that I loved and two I adore the classic use of animation.


This show was banned from the UK for being too rude for children but I used to love it when I was a kid. I borrowed a DVD from a friend at university (Thanks Tom!) to re-watch season one again and was quite taken aback at how many sexual innuendos were in the show! One of my favourite segments of the animation is when Yakko talks about the countries of the world. If it wasn’t for this show, we wouldn’t have Pinky and the Brain!

Spongebob Squarepants

I think while we are talking about innuendo cartoons for kids then I think that we need to mention this show. I have been watching this recently as it was on Netflix and I was amazed at how many hidden sexual innuendos are in the show! The main reason I have put this in my list is because I think it is so clever the way that real life mixes with the cartoon – like when Spongebob is throw out of water he turns into a real sponge. I think the little things in this animation really make it very clever and really like the concept of it.

Family Guy

I have a love hate relationship with this show – I do like it but I have to be in the mood to watch it. I watch it now and again to relax, but I wouldn’t say I watch it religiously and there are a lot of them out there that I haven’t seen. However, I saw an episode the other day that I found was really clever. It was an episode where Stewie and Brian keep going to different worlds and get animated in different ways such as Disney characters. I really like the humour of Seth McFarlene.

The Amazing Adventures of Morph

If i think back, I think this is one of the shows that got me really interested in animation. I had this on VHS as a kid and used to watch it a lot. One of my favourite episodes is when Morph and Charles climb the shelves to get Tony Harts Belgium Bun. I love the imagination behind this animation and even today really enjoy watching it.

The Simspons
The Simpsons is my favourite animation, when I started watching it as a kid I loved it so much that I used to record them off of BBC2 on VHS and have my own collections of them from TV. I also used to spend a lot of time drawing them and if you gave me a pen I could draw you a Homer Simpson or a Bart Simpson straight away not looking at anything. I love the Simpsons as it’s one of those shows that you never get bored with and no matter how many times you see an episode, you will always spot something new that you didn’t notice before.