Want to rock out this afternoon? Then this band will do that just for you! Falling In Reverse is a post hard core band from Las Vegas which formed in 2008. In previous press, their music has been described as also emo with pop stylized choruses and a blend between pop and metalcore.

The lyrics of their songs are based on personal experiences that the vocalist Radke has gone through including the corruption of Las Vegas, release from prision and the relationship with his mother. Eminem has been cited as the lead singers stro9ngest influence on his music.

It was announced in January of this year that there is a new album on the way and is due to drop near the end of 2016. Their previous albums have done pretty well with their album The Drug in Me Is You reaching number 19 on the Bilboard 200 and selling 18,000 copies on its first week of release. So to get you through the afternoon here are some songs for you to rock out to.

The Drug in Me is You

Just Like You

Good Girls Bad Guys

I’m Not a Vampire

Bad Girls Club

Chemical Prisoner.