Welcome to a new feature to The Phoenix Remix called Forgotton Pop! This is a new section to the blog where we delve into the archives of the music world and re-introduce you to some of the bands and musicians you may of forgot about that may of had an impact on you at some point due to the ranking they had in the charts or the songs that they released.

Everyone remembers their favourite bands from childhood and in the 80’s, 90’s and noughties etc. When I grew up my favourite pop bands were 5ive, S Club 7, Backstreet Boys, Steps and Blue. I used to love buying magazines such as Top of the Pops and Smash Hits but there were always bands that were page fillers that you would always skip the pages these are just some of the bands that I am talking about that will appear in this feature.  So without further ado, lets start off this feature with a band that I remember being on a VHS i got with one of the issues of Smash Hits and also with one of their members leading to having a soap opera career as well as a famous husband

This week – Girlthing

If you watched the Big Reunion in 2014 then you may be familiar with this band, if not let me introduce you to a band that was formed by Simon Cowell and were apparently meant to be the biggest rival to Spice Girls.

The group was a English Dutch group with members Jodi Albert (who has had success in the soap Hollyoaks and also is married to Westlifes Kian Egan), Anika Bostelaar, Linzi Martin, Michelle Barder and Nikki Stuart. Their career was short lived and they sold only 2 million records wordlwide. Until today, I had only heard of Last One Standing as it was the song that was on that VHS. Here are some retro pop to let you enjoy the friday in style.

Last One Standing

Girls On Top