They irritated people in the masses, they ruined classic rock songs and even got bottles thrown at them left right and centre at Reading and Leeds festivals. They had weird high voices, bizarre videos and annoyingly addictive songs that people would sing. If you haven’t guessed who I am talking about then let me introduce you to the world of Daphne and Celeste.

The American pop duo who was formed of Celeste Cruz and Karen DiConcetto were active between the years of 1999 – 2002 and even had a reunion in 2005. They released only three songs in the UK – ‘Schools Out’ ‘oo Stick you’ and ‘UGLY’ . They were meant to release another song called ‘Party’ but it was never released. The girls were dropped from their label because of low record sales and the backlash against them as people felt some of their songs promoted bullying. In 2015, the duo apparently reunited again and released a song called ‘You and I Alone.’

So here are a few of their songs, whether its to make you reminisce or even just get irritated again, enjoy.

School’s Out

Ooh Stick You


For anyone who wanted to see the older version of them with their bizarre hit

You and I Alone