The last show of the day was inside Venue C to see the improvised silent movie called Shhh! All the way from Italy this group and my, am I glad they came to the fringe. 

I am a huge fan of both improv and silent films and the opportunity to see them both together was the most amazing thing and it worked so well as a concept and would love to see again over and over.

When you walk in they are at the front with signs asking you to choose today’s occupation and write it on the board at the front. If the audience don’t like it then they can go and change it. 

Today’s show was all about a deep sea diver. The pianist is live. The text for the screens in between acts is typed live and the improvisers are behind the screen and creating be story. 

It is such a clever concept and works so well and was Highly hilarious to see how the story came together of a man on a ship who couldn’t catch a big enough fish for his captain and decides to swim down to the bottom of the ocean to find the biggest fish and woo the lady of his dreams l. Meanwhile the captains wife is eating everything and getting fatter and fatter so much so that the captain tries to kill her and pushes her off the boat. 
Such a fantastic show and definitely a hidden gem of the Edinburgh fringe. A must see 
Fringe factor – 9/10