Edinburgh Fringe Live – The Noise Next Door 

I have seen a lot I improv shows this year – I would say approx 20 and I would say that this has beat the ranks and made it to one of my top 2 favourite shows. I have seen the noise next door quite a few times but this show really knocked all the others down.
Right front the get go the show was super immersive with the guys welcoming in the crowd and also interacting with them with crazy gadgets and stuff. And the set was def the most adventurous I have seen them do – it was all space themed and also so was the show. 

The show was at the Gilded Balloon and def the biggest show I have seen these guys and they really deserve the big crowds as they know how to put on a show. They play all the similar games you expect from an improv show but they were so funny with what they broght to them. 

Highlights of the show include Charlie’s hilarious accents and characters, big toms character as an alien chin, little toms ketchup craziness with the alien chin, matts jelly leg dancing, sams swearing.
 Some of the outstanding characters include Sams impressive impression of Kanye West, Little Tom mistaking an audience suggestion of tentacles for testicles and matts Pokemon expression. If you are at the fringe this year I highly reccomend this show it’s so funny and there is something at every corner for everyone. It’s only one of three improv shows this year that I have walked away with tears streaming down my face and ribs and face hurting so much from laughing. (The other two were whose line is it anyway and the suggestibles musical about hypnotherapy). 

Fringe factor – 9/10 


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