Welcome to your weekly dose of Forgotten Pop and this week we are taking you back to a year when the world made Cheryl, Nadine, Sarah, Kimberly and Nicola rose to fame and they crushed their competitors who ended up fizzling into the forgotten pop atmosphere – if you haven’t guessed it by now I am talking about Girls Aloud and the boy band who is of today’s subject, One True Voice and the year is 2002.

The band had a very short lived pop career when they lost the final to Girls Aloud in the reality television show, Popstars: The Rivals. They both released singles for the Christmas Number One spot and Girls Aloud took it with The Sounds of The Underground and they came creeping up behind on the Number 2 spot with Sacred Trust / After You’re Gone.

The band was made up of band members Anton Gordon, Matt Johnson, Daniel Pearce, Keith Semple and Jamie Shaw. The boys released a futher single in 2003 called Shakespeare’s (Way With) Words that reached number 10 in the UK charts and sadly broke up the same year. Here is their few singles they released to pass your Friday Afternoon by.

Sacred Trust 

After You’re Gone (I’ll Still Be Loving You) 

Shakespeare’s (Way With) Words