If you are a fan of the Comedy Central (TruTV if you’re in the States) television show, Impractical Jokers, then you are going to automatically be a fan of this defunct podcast.It also created a light hearted rivalry between two halves of the improv group. So let’s go back to the beginning to describe what has been going on.

The Tederloins

Now, before we get started let’s just summarise who the Impractical Jokers actually are for anyone who has not heard of them before.  Joe Gatto, James Murr, Sal Vulcano and Brian Quinn are four friends who met back in high school and formed an Improv comedy group called The Tenderloins. The gang hit the big time with a television show when they won the $100,000 grand prize on the NBC It’s Your Show. In April 2011, TruTV announced the launch of the hidden camera show Impractical Jokers. In the show they compete against each other performing whatever silly tasks the other friends tell them to do into their ear piece whoever completes the least challenges fails and has to compete in a forfeit which is usually a task that is highly embarrassing for that person.

Back in 2012, The Tenderloins (as they are more formally known away from the television show) released a podcast with the same name. However two members of the friend quartet, Sal Vulcano and Brian ‘Q’ Quinn decided to create a new podcast called ‘What Say You’. The podcast has gone from strength to strength, winning Best New Show at the 2013 Stichers Awards and being nominated for Comedy Entertainment and Best Produced Podcast at the 10thAnnual Podcast Awards in 2015 (Which sadly they didn’t win).

This podcast created a friendly rivalry with James Murr and Joe Gatto presenting one of the episodes of The Tenderloins without Sal and Q. It was all in good spirit and it has been stated that What Say You was actually a side project and that it is really hard to get the entire quartet together out of working hours as everyone is so busy

The Tenderloins Podcast

If you are an avid fan of the Jokers and want to get to know the guys behind the crazy pranks and acts then this is the podcast for you. There are sadly not many episodes but they really are very entertaining to listen to as it is like watching an extended version of the episodes when they talk to the camera, or the episode where you see behind the scenes of their tour around America.



If you have read this article and have decided you want to find out who the Jokers are and give them a try, I wouldn’t start by listening to the Tenderloins podcast, instead I would either start watching the show on Comedy Central or TruTV or go to Youtube to watch clips. If you do go to YouTube, make sure you are definitely watching the USA version of the show as the UK version is no way as fantastic as the USA as it doesn’t have the guys in it and its their friendship that makes the show so powerful.