It was announced last week that Alan Carr will be stepping down from his job as a chat show host in the new year because he cannot compete with Graham Nortons viewing figures. The chat show has lasted for a whopping 16 series and whilst it has reached audiences of 2 million, it cannot compete with Grahams 3.9 million.

Chatty Man has been running since 2009 and has seen an array of guests approach the seats including Tom Hiddleston, Kim Kardashian, XFactor Finalists, Rupert Everett, Nick Jonas and many many more. The show is popular in other countries in The USA and Scandenavia where it is show on BBC Worldwide.

Even though the show will have its final episodes at the end of the year, it does not mean the end of Alan Carr on Channel 4 as the show is being replaced by his new show Alan Carr: Happy Hour. Alan has been a face of Friday Night on Channel 4 for many years starting off with The Friday Night Project. So to say farewell to Alans Chatty Man, lets have a look at some of his best bits.


Karl Pilkington

Lindsay Lohan

Nina Conti

Grand Prix

Tom Hiddleston