We have had a fun month of writing about past, present and future podcasts and now we got the exclusive opportunity to interview one of the biggest names in the Improv scene in London. Meet Steve Roe, The Director of Hoopla which is a improv school and comedy club based in central London. They do lots of courses for people new to improv and do lots of shows and so much more. I sat down to talk to Steve all about Hooplas new podcast.



So Steve, tell us about your podcast and what its all about?

My podcast is all about improv. Each week we have a different guest and they tell us about their favourite improv exercises and we then play them. It’s designed for people new to improv, to give them some things they can play with. Podcast is at http://www.hooplaimpro.com/improv-podcasts.html

Why did you decide to set up a podcast?

Mainly for fun. I’d been on other people’s and really enjoyed it. Also I’m trying to establish Hoopla as the best place in the world for beginner improvisers, so it helps with that, and it is helpful as a resource for new improvisers.

“People’s jobs have gone more computer based there is a growing demand to do something real and human in your spare time…” – Steve Roe

How many podcasts have you had so far and how frequently are they going to be released?

We’ve recorded about 14, release two, and we are releasing one a week ongoing.

whats the most fun thing about doing the podcast?

Getting to hang out with improvisers in my house.

whats the most challenging thing about setting up a podcast?

Getting over the fear of criticism and things!

What advice would you give to people wanting to set up a podcast?

I liked using Libsyn.com as they seem to take care of the techy bits and made it quite simple to get the podcast on itunes and soundcloud and things. Also we use a Zoom mic which I’m happy about, and Audacity to edit.

For someone who doesn’t know much about the improv scene in London could they still enjoy your podcast and why?

Yes I hope so, we try to make it fun so if you want to just listen to some improv there’s enough fun stuff to listen to. It’s designed for anyone in the world really.

The London Improv scene is constantly growing, why do you think it has had a spurt of growth?

Many factors. The improv scene in general around the world has grown a lot, and we’re part of that. People like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey becoming famous from improv helped a lot. Improv is becoming a wider known thing. Also as people’s jobs have gone more computer based there is a growing demand to do something real and human in your spare time, and improv fits in well with that.

Its the end of podcast month here on Phoenix Remix, can you tell us some other podcasts that you like and why?

I like Matt Besser’s Improv4humans as he gets some of the best improvsers in the world and they are really funny and I learn a lot from listening to them.

what can listeners expect in the future with your podcast?

There’s going to be a batch of improv exercises, we’re trying to build up a collection of every improv game ever, and then also coming in will be some sketches and things we’ve been making.

 if people want to find out more where can they follow you / download the podcasts etc?

http://www.hooplaimpro.com/improv-podcasts.html  www.hooplaimpro.com