Back in nineties there was a show that overtook Saturday nights and became a cult classic, Noels House Party was a place of mischief and fun and had a mascot of a pink dotted thing called Mr Blobby.

In 1993 Mr Blobby hit the music charts and released the song Mr Blobby  and reached number 1 not once but TWICE in December of that year! IT first reached number one on the 11th of December and then returned for Christmas. It was knocked off the top spot after christmas by Take That single called Babe.

The music video for the song was filmed in the Kew Bridge Steam Museum and featured celebrities like Noel Edmonds, Carol Vorderman, Jeremy Clarkson and Garth Crooks. It spoofs many music videos such as Addicted to Love, Stay and Rhythm is a Dancer.

The single is regarded as the worst single and the worst song of all time and has been ranked the worst song list compiled by both journalists and the public. So sit back and enjoy this christmas feast.