Happy New Year and welcome to 2017 on The Phoenix Remix! We have so much in store for you this year.

At the end of last year we said goodbye to the feature A Little Thing Called and we are starting the year with a brand new sparkling feature called Question Roulette. We also have another new feature starting Called Cheesiest Lyrics of the Week where we will be looking at some of the silliest lyrics on some of the biggest songs from the biggest groups.

The improv diaries and The Next Step is proving to become one of our biggest features and is set to continue to grow over the next year. Look out this year for more interviews with some of the best and up and coming improv comedians in the London Improv scene.

We will also continue to keep bringing you all the news from the comedy scene, monthly themed features plus much much more. We also have the fantastic Senseii Jarvis taking you on more fantastic geeky adventures!

Thank you for being a reader thus far and heres to 2017 being even bigger and better.