If you are looking for a place that will make you step back in history and make you feel like you have stepped into a time warp whilst being surrounded by the beautiful English Countryside, then Beamish Museum is a place you must visit. Set just near the town of Stanley, County Durham, Beamish is a museum that you don’t want to miss on a visit to the North East. If you are going via public transport one of the easiest ways to get there is by getting the Waggonway bus number 28 or 28A from the Gateshead interchange. The journey costs approx £6 return but don’t let that put you off using it as the bus ticket gives you a 25% discount on the entrance fee.


Now at first the ticket prices for the entrance fee may seem expensive – for example for an adult it is £19 – however these tickets are an annual pass and you can visit as much as you want in the in 365 days. Now you may be wondering why this would be something that you would be interested in, well Beamish has many themed events over the year such as Christmas and Summer specials, days for the cold fashioned cars, days to celebrate the war and many many more.

Beamish is a massive place and you may prefer to walk around the whole venue as you don’t just get to see the different areas of history, you also get to see the surrounding fields which have everything from sheep to flowers in them. If however, you are feeling a bit lazy or want the full Beamish experience then you must wait at the bus stop at the top for the different modes of transport that await you. The most regular ones that run are the old fashioned trams and busses but from time to time the odd horse and carriage and car will also be in service.

The Museum is broken into different areas and each of them have houses / shops or factories that you can walk in and explore. At the World War Two working farm for example, you can explore the houses and the living conditions of the 1940’s as well as meet people in role play wearing clothing specific to that time either making the food that was made in those time on the basic kitchen utensils they had or making items out of material or doing work around the farm. The farm also has animals as well in the living conditions they would of been in at the time.

Each of the areas also have aers where the public can eat and enjoy a meal that would of been popular at the time – for example, in the area which is about the 1900 Pit Villages  you can enjoy beef dripping chips. One of the most impressive areas of Beamish is the 1900s town where you can explore the streets and visit the sweet shop, the printing works, watch bread being made and also buy it in the bakery and visit places such as the ban, the horse stables and even ride on a steam train.


Beamish really is such a fun day out and really is great fun for all of the family of all ages. It’s one of those places where just one visit will not be enough and you will be wanting to go back as soon as you can. They have also received recent funding where they are expanding the park and it’s not hard to see why this tourist attraction is award winning!