Today we look at a duo that were around at the end of the nineties and were a pop group from Germany. Their full name of their group was Band Ohne Namen (which in English means the Band Without Name) but were mainly known as B.O.N


The duo of Guy Gross and Claus Capek formed in 1999 and were signed to Sony BMG and they were from Berlin, Germany. The most famous song that the group had was called Boys and did very well around Europe in the year 2000. The song only became a hit however after the whole song was translated entirely to English and not just the chorus then it started to do really well.


They released a English single after the success of Boys called Nobody and it was not as successful, so much so, that it didn’t not even enter the English charts. However, their follow up to that single, Take My Heart did really well in Germany and went certified Gold. The group broke up in 2003. So lets spend this afternoon listening to some of their music.


Take my heart