The other day I came across my teenage diaries. When I was 12/13 it was around the time Bridget Jones Diary was released and I became addicted to the idea of writing a diary so that’s what I did everyday! I remember the feeling I had when I had a great day and would come home and write what happened and all the gossip that was happening! At the time it meant a lot to have this all written down and it’s funny, even after all these years I still have the same feelings when I read certain stories and cringe a lot a others as well.I loved school and everything o wrote down still brings back great and even cringeworthy memories!

In this feature I will be writing some of my entries – there will be some I won’t due to embarrassments to me or to others, but there will be a lot that will be written! I mean hey, 5 years of diary entries that’s a lot!!!
Last time, I accidentally gave my friend a black eye, I got Armstrongs number and  Gideon and Eddie wanted me to appear in their Media project so I would kiss one of them.

All names will be changed and some will be named using a symbol system I made back in the day.. anyway you will get the jist.



Got on REALLY well with Armstrong today! We spoke all day about work, life etc. Halfway through the day his girlfriend phoned him and there was an awful awkward silence between us after. He walked me to the bus stop after school and he started to ask me more questions about myself, where I live, my hobbies and what subjects I want to study at college etc. He Keeps a diary too he told me! i had a good day today. In lesson today we had to take photos of each other making our models and when I took one all the power in the room went and I went bright red and sunk into my chair as I was convinced I had done something to the power. Armstrong started to comfort me and told me it wasn’t me. When we were taking photos he kept taking the mickey out of me and I couldn’t stop laughing. 


Had to go in for revision today. Went to the cinema yesterday with friends to see Constantine. Got on well with Armstrong today we played this storytelling game and ended up insulting him – it was really funny! He walked with us part of the way home today. He could see that I wasn’t being included and made sure I was involved, he also gave me part of his chocolate bar. 


Got on well with Armstrong today, we laughed a lot about random stuff and he found out all the stupid nicknames my guy mates call me and they made him laugh a lot. In lesson we laughed loads. His stanley knife fell onto his nose and leg and he showed me where it cut him on his knee. We stayed after school together to do our coursework and started a jokey cussing match between one another. to pass the time. 


HI today was ok! Maths Exams hard! I am such a sucker – I stayed after school so that Armstrong and I could help each other with our coursework… 


Armstrong has told me he is going to record a CD for me!! 



More tomorrow