If you happen to find yourself in the North East of the UK and want to visit a quaint little market town that is full of old fashioned houses, cute little coffee shops, castle ruins and one of the best decorative art museums in Europe, then you have to visit Barnard Castle in County Durham.

Barnard Castle is 21 miles south west of Durham and is a nice little drive through little villages and the countryside. One of the tourist attractions that brings in many people throughout the year is the reknowned Bowes Museum. It is a beautiful purpose built estate to house the collection of John Bowes. It has exhibitions on a regular basis and attracts a lot of tourism.

Another tourist attraction is none other then the ruins of Banard Castle itself which is a English Heritage site. The site is open 10am-6pm daily with a small fee to pay to enter and explore it. Don’t let paying an entrance fee though persuade you not to visit the site. It has some fantastic views of The Tees Gorge from high up in the ruins and a beautiful bridge for you to walk over to export nearby areas.

If you are looking for a village that is truly a lovely place to visit and give a hint of old England, then Banard Castle is a place for you.