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Welcome to the Improv Corner!


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This is an area where you can explore the world of Improv in more depth. From time to time we will be posting various articles about the form of improv, interview Improv groups and make you aware of up and coming events.

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The improv scene is ever growing and what better way to become a part of it then to see what is happening in the heart of it! As well as being an Improviser herself, our Editor, Holly, is a big fan of the art form and goes to many shows that are Improv based. So keep an eye on this page for all your improvisation needs!


C3Something Join The Phoenix Remix

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 22.37.16C3 Something is coming on board as a writer for the Phoenix Remix. Each week they will be writing about all the shows and lessons that they are holding around London and what will be on the agenda. They have many guest teachers then come over from the United States of America and they will be keeping you in the know and updated as to when they will be coming over to the UK.



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“…this week I have loved using sound effects in improv and I can’t wait for us to use it more…”

Read the whole article on Monday 14th August at 12:30



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When: 18th August

Where: The Miller, London Bridge

Price: Free

About: a really fun night of improvised comedy with a bunch of teams.


Buy Tickets / More information:  @ABOB_improv


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